During the 2020 pandemic with Covid 19, our consulting services are regularly conducted through remote delivery. When feasible, in-person services are still available.

Organizations, no matter how small, are complex entities. Groups and teams present immense challenges to keep them on track. Barnett Consulting specializes in the following:

Formulate strategy

Interview key stakeholders, conduct focus groups, plan system-wide multiple day off-site session, facilitate priority / goal setting, and conclude with vision and a plan forward

Develop change / implementation plans

Reach consensus on vision and goals, formulate plan, develop timeline, agree on roles and communication strategy, insure all expected to change are engaged in planning process

Coach leaders and facilitate leadership teams

Understand difference between groups and teams, identify essential roles within team, identify issues / barriers in teams, developing camaraderie, establish goal setting priorities and vision

Interactive Planning Process

A process in which large multifunctional groups put differing viewpoints on the table for joint discussion and resolution. A process that sometimes require more than one meeting.

Leadership and personality assessments for teams and individuals

Clarify personality and leadership styles, learning to work effectively with different styles, better understand team problem-solving and collaboration, and what risk factors are associated with particular styles

Plan and orchestrate one-time events

Occasional system or community wide events focused on agency needs for community involvement

Organizations have a natural tendency to plateau at various points along the lifespan. The enthusiasm of new groups can quickly dwindle as differences and conflicts emerge. The goal of Barnett Consulting is to enable each organization achieve its highest level of success. Our vision is to help each organization with whom we partner achieve higher levels of success.


Dr. John Barnett


Barnett earned the Ph.D. in Human and Organization Systems, Fielding Graduate University, 1994. John also holds B.A. M.A. degrees in education and certifications in counseling. He received 7 years of training at Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and is a member of Organization Development Network, a Myers-Briggs and CDR Leadership practitioner.

He moved to West Hawaii from New Jersey where he had worked as internal advisor to a Fortune 500 company. His clients span the following sectors: healthcare, financial, retail, engineering and construction as well as non-profit agencies. Barnett serves on the Hawaii State Health Planning and Development Agency in Hawaii Dept. of Health.

Barnett supported projects in Australia, China, Argentina, Japan, France, Italy, and of course, Mainland US. To many managers, diverse cultures present problems in a big way. Organizations today are often comprised of workforces from many cultures and countries, thus adding immense complexity to teams and the work. Barnett is familiar with approaches to capitalize on diversity and to enhance teamwork.

Recent Project Outcomes

Convened governing board with ranking staff members of non-profit agency that developed strategic plans to qualify for grant funding

Conducted “Lessons Learned” workshop to understand causes for missed targets in a “no blame” atmosphere

Assisted engineering company to streamline processes to eliminate duplication and bottlenecks

Developed leadership behaviors within a team performing sub-optimally

Enlisted employees into an organization-wide change strategy

Conducted an interactive planning session to solicit the best ideas from across the company

Feedback from Previous Clients

Strategic Planning

“John understands the process to plan a successful meeting, particularly, when difficult issues beg to be addressed. He is used to working with executives as well as with volunteers who have little organizational experience. He has a talent for getting an unmanageable group to come to a decision.” RJ Consulting, Kona, HI

Project Management

Thanks again for John’s leadership on the project. When the two companies were asked to come together for the meeting, I was certain that nothing positive could come of it. I was proven wrong. Day 2 produced results and collaboration like I have never before experienced on a team. As always, John did a first-rate job. Project Manager, General Electric, KY

Executive Teams

As a leadership team, we are now committed to work together in a way consistent with our new Team Charter which John helped us create. This charter reinforces the values we share within the team. We regard this step as key to the timely and effective completion of the project in the field. John’s challenge to the team enabled us to identify and remove the barriers between us. Team commitment toward completing the project is now solid. Project Executive, AUS

Healthcare and Community Development

Hawaii Island Healthcare Alliance was fortunate to have a consultant with John’s experience and skills readily available to organizations and businesses on the Big Island. I have been fortunate enough to work with John in recent months and clearly see the value of the many skills he brings to groups to help them become even more effective.
MD, North Hawaii Outcomes Project.

Resolving Conflict among Engineering Teams

“As an internal resource, I partnered with John on a major project to align two very complex and disparate teams comprised of engineers. After two days, the teams were able to focus and agree on one set of objectives, values and priorities. John’s ability to move teams to reach the end game is unquestionable and he does it in a smooth and effortless manner with a high degree of professionalism.” Engineering Director AUS

Settling Dispute between CEO and Board of Directors

“John helped our organization work through difficult issues regarding performance matters of the CEO with the Board of Directors. He enabled us to develop mutual respect and consideration of one another’s viewpoints. His design and facilitation resulted in our arriving at a satisfactory solution. We are a much stronger organization because of what we learned through the process.”

Improving Productivity by Teamwork

“Dr. Barnett helped us to understand that each organization is complex and different. I learned that people are always the center of our business! It is always about people, relationships and their ability to trust each other. The consulting sessions together with my personal leadership assessment was the turning point. I could not have reached the level of success at the Center without Dr. Barnett and our conversations.” Director of Surgery Center