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Focused conversations with key stakeholders



John Barnett

We engage your stakeholders in solutions for success

We believe that all stakeholders are vital to your success, namely, your employees, customers, suppliers, management, and board members. Our methods differ vastly from top-consulting firms who collect data and promote their recommendations. We believe your best approach will be to bring together the visions and knowledge of your stakeholders. Plans without involvement of critical stakeholders are likely to meet with resistance.

We are proud of our knowledge, experience and talent to understand and motivate people. We will strive to work with you to establish those effective communication pathways to each stakeholder. We specialize in strategic planning sessions for senior leadership teams.

Our #1 path in advising you will be to help you develop leadership within your organization. Barnett will work directly with you as Advisor and Facilitator. He will introduce structures, processes, and techniques to your team.




John J Barnett PhD

Barnett Consulting Hawaii
816630 Kekaa Pl
Kealakekua, HI 96750

Hello! It is a pleasure to communicate with you about your particular challenges. If you have a question or wish to strategize about your next step – terrific! Use the email address below to give me a bit of context about your issues. I work one-on-one with executives, teams and individual professionals. I offer workshops to assist teams. I work with for-profit and non-profit organizations. You are invited to contact me directly via phone (973-713-7978) Hawaii Standard Time. Frankly, helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals is my primary motivation. Your email comes directly to me. I look forward to our conversation.